Mac Miller and Ariana Grande Songs Together

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande are two of the most beloved and talented artists of their generation, and their musical collaborations together have produced some of the most heartfelt and emotional songs in recent years. From their early days of friendship to their romantic relationship and subsequent breakup, their music has served as a window into their personal lives, struggles, and triumphs. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most memorable songs that Mac Miller and Ariana Grande have created together, exploring the themes, lyrics, and emotions that make their music so special.

One of the earliest songs that Mac Miller and Ariana Grande worked on together was “The Way,” which was released in 2013. The song was an instant hit, reaching the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and earning critical acclaim for its catchy melody and playful lyrics. The song was produced by Harmony Samuels, who had previously worked with Ariana on her debut album, and it features a sample of the 1998 hit “Still Not a Player” by Big Pun.

“The Way” is a classic love song, with Ariana singing about her feelings for Mac and the way he makes her feel. The chorus is infectious, with Ariana singing “I love the way you make me feel / I love it, I love it.” The song’s music video is also notable, as it features Ariana dancing and singing in the streets with Mac, capturing the joy and excitement of young love.

Another standout collaboration between Mac Miller and Ariana Grande is “My Favorite Part,” which was released in 2016. The song was produced by frequent Mac collaborator Jon Brion and features a smooth, jazzy instrumental that perfectly complements the chemistry between Mac and Ariana’s vocals. The song’s lyrics are intimate and romantic, with Mac and Ariana singing about their affection for each other and the little moments that make their relationship special.

In the chorus, Mac sings, “You just don’t know how beautiful you are / And baby, that’s my favorite part.” The song’s music video is also worth noting, as it features Mac and Ariana performing the song in a cozy apartment, surrounded by friends and family. The video captures the warmth and intimacy of the song’s lyrics, as Mac and Ariana share tender moments and affectionate glances.

Unfortunately, Mac Miller passed away in 2018, leaving behind a rich legacy of music and art. After his death, Ariana Grande paid tribute to him with a number of songs, including “Imagine,” “Ghostin,” and “Thank U, Next.” However, she also released a song called “Goodnight n Go,” which features a sample of Mac’s song “2009” and serves as a tribute to their relationship.

“Goodnight n Go” is a dreamy and atmospheric track, with Ariana’s vocals floating over a lush, ethereal soundscape. The song’s lyrics are bittersweet, as Ariana sings about the end of a relationship and the desire to hold onto the memories and feelings that she shared with Mac. The song’s chorus features a sample of Mac’s voice from “2009,” in which he raps, “I don’t need to lie no more / Nowadays all I do is shine.”

In addition to their official collaborations, Mac Miller and Ariana Grande also performed together on a number of occasions, including a memorable rendition of “The Way” on Ellen in 2013 and a performance of “Dang!” on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in 2016. These live performances showcased their chemistry and camaraderie, as well as their mutual admiration for each other’s talents.

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